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About Oregon Trappers Association

Below are our list of board members along with their contact information. If you're looking for information on how to become a member or anything related to membership, please reach out to Bev Hansen.

Doug Nichol OTA President 503-932-9291


Jim Soares    OTA Vice President 1-541-805-5194

Stan Steele  OTA Government Affairs

Andria Stewart OTA Secretary

Don Nichols Sr OTA defense fund secretary

Don Nichols Jr OTA Board member

Andrew DeHart OTA Board member/ Podcast Host 

Jeremy Watson OTA Board member

J.P. Foss OTA Board member

Ed Minalian OTA Board Member

Jeff Comini  OTA Board Member

Scott Wood OTA Board Member


Will Hansen OTA Board Member

The Oregon Trappers Association believes in preserving Oregon's trapping heritage through sustainable, ethical means.

Discover the OTA Trappers' Code of Ethics

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