About Oregon Trappers Association

Below are our list of board members along with their contact information. If you're looking for information on how to become a member or anything related to membership, please reach out to Bev Hansen.

Doug Nichol OTA President doug@tgnicholplumbing.com 503-932-9291


Jim Soars    OTA Vice President jims@eoni.com 1-541-805-5194

Stan Steele  OTA Government Affairs riverrunguide@yahoo.com

Bev Hansen OTA Secretary  otabev2015@aol.com

Don Nichols Sr OTA defense fund secretary papatrapperdon@canby.com

Don Nichols Jr OTA Board member  dcnichols2010@gmail.com

Andrew DeHart OTA Board member/ Podcast Host  Oregontrapperpodcast@gmail.com 

Jeremy Watson OTA Board member jrwrodeo@yahoo.com

J.P. Foss OTA Board member jpfoss82@yahoo.com

Ed Minalian OTA Board Member eminalia@gmail.com

Jeff Comini  OTA Board Member jeffcomini@aol.com

Jon Fenton OTA Board Member trapping4fun@gmail.com

Larry Newman OTA Board Member larry.newman@rocketmail.com

Scott Wood OTA Board Member skotwould@gmail.com


Will Hansen OTA Board Member timberbeast55@aol.com


Dennis Curren OTA Board Member currena47@gmail.com

The Oregon Trappers Association believes in preserving Oregon's trapping heritage through sustainable, ethical means.

Discover the OTA Trappers' Code of Ethics